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haku is the only technology in the industry that provides an innovative all-in-one ecosystem of custom solutions for virtual events. Through our platform and partnership, organizations are able to offer the absolute best participant experience for their community and drive incremental revenue for their business - powering the most successful events.
haku’s Virtual Suite of Products
Provide effortless results submission with fitness wearables integration
Give your participants the freedom to upload results how they want with ease. haku seamlessly integrates with top brands in wearables technology.

Drive Incremental Revenue with Multiple Event Types
Diversify the events your organization offers and boost engagement among your community. We’ve made it easy to host different types of events such as:
  • Challenges
  • Triathlons
  • Multi-activity events
Smart features that make a difference
Make your participants feel like they’re a part of an actual race with downloadable virtual bibs.
Increase sponsor placements to drive sponsorship revenue for your business and value for your participants by offering a virtual goodie bag.
Display custom playlists across multiple touchpoints and enrich your participant’s experience with fun and motivational audio.
Keep your sponsors happy and drive value with dozens of customized sponsor placement opportunities.
Fuel participant engagement and enhance their experience by creating and sharing virtual toolkits. They can include mile markers, cheer cards, finish lines, and more!
Create an authentic race day experience; participants can view virtual results through an easy-to-use dashboard, share content to a real-time social wall, check out the leaderboard, upload proofs to authenticate their time, and more.
Give your participants a personalized reward that highlights their success, encourages them to share, and pushes awareness to your event.
Make your virtual events feel more engaging and community-based with social features that bring your virtual runners together.
Reward and motivate your participants by creating milestones, such as unlockable videos, awards, and sponsored product offerings. Differentiate your event by setting your milestones by mileage, time, components completed, and more.
Transport your participants to a curated virtual course anywhere in the world without them having to leave their neighborhood. Optimize the participant experience and drive competitiveness among individuals and teams by showing the location of other participants.
Personalize the participant journey, build customer loyalty, and improve your sustainability efforts by offering participants the ability to choose from a custom mix of free products and experiences that they want in their race bags.
Make cancellation or postponement less stressful
Canceling or postponing an event can be stress-free and with our platform you'll be able to understand and handle each of your participant’s registrations with ease.

Create an extraordinary experience with our virtual race day app
Elevate your participant’s race day experience with our app, which includes cutting-edge features built to use on any smartphone.
Plus, a whole ecosystem of products to further power the most successful virtual experience
See our Virtual Suite of Products in action!

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Virtual Event Guide
Hosting a virtual event and not sure where to start? Check out our Virtual Event Toolkit.

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