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Better technology, an elevated experience with best-in-class customer service, unprecedented visibility into event efforts - all with haku.
Drive more donations. Surpass your goals.
With haku's modern peer-to-peer fundraising suite and robust all-in-one technology platform, we are built to empower you and your fundraisers to succeed. Create powerful fundraising events and surpass your goals with our unmatched partnership and industry-leading technology ecosystem that's customizable to fit your unique needs.

Making Event Fundraising More Powerful For Our Great Nonprofit Partners And Charity Partner Programs
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Transform your supporters into event fundraisers and convert more donations to power your cause through innovative peer-to-peer technology, engaging experiences, best-in-class customer service, and more - all with haku.

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Partner Success Story
haku helped Team in Training (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) launch a brand new virtual fundraising fitness challenge during a pandemic and raised over $1 Million in just one month.
Experience the haku difference & surpass your fundraising goals
An All-In-One Solution For Your Team
Drive operational efficiencies with one platform to manage your fundraisers and promote events.
Built on a framework of RESTful APIs, utilize haku's integrations (Tableau, Salesforce, etc.) so that data can be exchanged in real-time within internal technologies.

One Login. One Powerful Platform.
Give fundraisers a better and more unified experience throughout your entire event with haku's all-encompassing ecosystem.
With one-step registration and fundraising account creation, lower attrition rates and capitalize on your fundraisers' initial excitement by enabling them to fundraise immediately.

Industry-Leading Customer Service
Receive a dedicated team of Customer Experience specialists and support personnel assigned to ensure every question, concern, and need is addressed in a timely manner.
Offer an extra level of support with haku's unmatched customer service via phone, email, and live chat (in almost every language!).
We become an extension of your team to help your fundraisers with any questions that may arise, making sure they have the best experience imaginable.
Mobile-Optimized Public Pages To Tell Every Unique Story
Give your fundraisers the creative freedom to personalize their own fundraising pages to drive engagement and donations.
Fundraisers can personalize images, videos, custom messages, and more, so they can easily communicate their story to their donor base within a few clicks.

Empower Fundraisers With Powerful Marketing Capabilities
Enable fundraisers to be more successful with access to unlimited email and SMS campaigns to communicate directly with friends and family.
Fundraisers can create custom targeted campaigns, such as personalized thank you notes, and monitor engagement metrics.
Automatically share user-generated content to a community social wall in just a few seamless steps.

Your Cause. Your Brand.
Fully brand your event with a completely white-labeled experience at every touchpoint, including white-labeled URLs.
Create branded public pages and email templates to maintain consistent branding throughout your event's campaign.
Real-time fundraising results can be integrated and displayed on your website for a cohesive brand experience.
Gain Better Insights With Robust Analytics & Reporting
Examine your event in real-time, display it in easy-to-understand dashboards, and share the resulting insights with others.
Give your fundraisers and team captains the visibility they need to glean insights on the success of their fundraising efforts and take immediate action to reach their goals.

Raise Even More With Seamless Donations
Donors enjoy a user-friendly giving experience with effortless interactions and the most popular payment methods, like Stripe and Apple Pay.
With haku's efficient and secure payment system, donations are automatically deposited into your preferred account.
Leverage haku's Facebook Fundraising integration and have all donations made from Facebook automatically reflected in individual fundraising accounts, providing a seamless fundraising experience centralized in one account.

Innovative Features To Create Unforgettable Experiences
Drive event engagement and maximize overall fundraising efforts with haku's cutting-edge set of exciting features and solutions.
Incite competition with customized incentives, leaderboards, and fundraising badges.
A few of our features include:

Customized To Succeed
You'll have access to haku's complete suite of innovative products and unique customizations that'll take your fundraising efforts to the next level!
Millions of participants, fundraisers, and donors have used haku in 100+ countries.
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