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We are currently living through a period of uncertainty that we'll never forget. To help support you, our customers, we have made a number of changes that we hope will help you adapt to these times.
Policies and Procedures That Protect You
During this time of uncertainty, canceling an event may be an organizer’s only option. Rest assured, if you’ve made the difficult decision to cancel an event, we do not charge an additional fee for refunding your participants.
It has always been a priority to make sure organizers have immediate access to the revenue they’re generating for their events. Therefore, at the time of participant registration, product purchase, or donation, revenue is routed directly to the organization’s designated financial account. We do not hold onto our partner’s revenue at haku, including revenue to manage chargebacks.
If a chargeback occurs, haku contacts the participant who made the claim in an attempt to resolve the dispute and confirm it was not made in error, in which case the participant is then encouraged to actively cancel the dispute. Within 72 hours, haku submits all evidence to the financial institution on behalf of our customer. If the dispute is won, funds are returned to the customer (no fees are charged). If the dispute is lost, our customer is notified to determine how to proceed with the participant’s registration. From start to finish, haku handles the entire chargeback process and communicates with the organizer every step of the way.
In the unfortunate scenario where an event needs to be cancelled, there are several options available to support organizations with participant registration cancellations:

  • Cancel registrations with no refund
  • Cancel registrations with partial refund
  • Cancel registrations with full refund, including or excluding registration fee
  • Product purchase refunds, full or partial

If your organization needs to implement a mass cancellation for your event, contact your customer experience representative who will help coordinate the process.
Extended Support Hours
We’ve extended our customer support hours so that live chat, phone, and email will now be available until 9pm ET to provide faster assistance to your communities during this time.
virtual event toolkit
Creating a virtual event can be a rewarding experience for your organization and your community. At haku, we've been observing the trends that are shaping the virtual event space and have formulated this toolkit based upon our findings. Consider using these best practices to guide you in implementing your next successful virtual event.
Adding Features to Help You Adapt Your Business
With the world changing so drastically at the moment, we’ve been inspired to push even harder to bring you new system improvements. These enhancements are meant to help you and your businesses shift gears and provide you with resources to continue generating as much income as possible while your in-person events are affected.
Event Cancellation & Postponement Options
Given the pressing need for organizers to cancel or postpone their event(s) due to COVID-19, haku has released a new feature that enables organizers to collect participant preferences on how to handle their registration in light of the cancellation or postponement

How It Works
Once you set available options, send an email to participants requesting a response on how they would like to proceed with their event registration. In the email, link to your options landing page where participants can make their selection. For actions that can be self-serviced in their accounts, participants are directed to login to their account to make the change. From the initial email to the landing page, everything is branded making it a cohesive process every step of the way.

  • You’ll have the flexibility to offer participants options that make the most sense for their event.

  • The language on the landing page is customizable based on the unique event and situation.

  • Simplify the process and make it clear and concise for participants by giving them all options in one place.

  • Reduce the number of inbound calls and emails with a frictionless process for participants.

  • Live chat support is available on the landing page should participants need help or clarification on their options.
Enhance Your Participant's Virtual Experiences With New Features
Virtual Results
Keep Runners Connected to your Race and Organization with Meaningful Touchpoints

How It Works
  • Determine your event’s result settings - whether results need to be approved, last date to submit results, and more.

  • Email or SMS participants a personalized link to input their results. It can also be completed in their participant account.

  • Participants receive an auto-email when their result is submitted, driving them to the results page.

  • On a personal results page, participants can download a branded customized finisher certificate with badges. They can also share their accomplishments across social platforms.
  • Get participants excited about their accomplishments.

  • Get complete control over the exact virtual results parameters.

  • Maximize sponsorship opportunities by including sponsor logos and additional sponsor messaging on results.

  • Fully branded to reflect each organization’s unique brand.

  • Provides visibility to other open events to maximize revenue.
Social Additions
Help Virtual Participants Feel Connected and Celebrated
How It Works
  • We’ll now query available social media channels for your event’s custom hashtag and post public media on your event’s “social wall”.

  • This “social wall” will be viewable in participant accounts, the results page, and results submission pages.
  • Augment your social media efforts without any manual work from your team.

  • Make your virtual events feel more engaging and community-based with social features that bring your virtual runners together.

  • Surprise and delight participants by showcasing their accomplishments on your “social wall”.
Virtual Bibs
Bring More Fun and Creative Engagement for Your Participant’s Training and Virtual Runs
How It Works
  • Offer virtual runners personalized, branded bibs to print at home.

  • Virtual bib numbers can auto-generate by overall event or by category.

  • Send participants their virtual bibs by email and/or SMS.

  • Virtual bibs are also available to download in participant accounts.
  • Help participants feel like they are gearing up for race day by offering a bib to wear for their virtual run.
Craft Custom Playlists for Virtual Runners to Enjoy During Training and on Race Day
How It Works
  • Create custom playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.

  • Add the links to your playlists in the event settings.

  • Your playlists will now be available in participant accounts, on the registration thank you page and thank you email!
  • Give participants the same feeling they have during an in-person race experience by putting together music unique to your organization.
Resources & Articles
Quick tips for pivoting your strategy to keep your community engaged

1. Implement a virtual race experience for your events that were postponed or cancelled; bringing unity to our communities is more important now than ever

2. Lead your community in staying active - provide at-home virtual training, fitness tips or best practices for managing stress through fitness

3. Craft engaging live fitness content through Instagram, Facebook or YouTube

4. Start a community fitness challenge to drive motivation with giveaways or incentives

5. Stay positive and share words of encouragement. We’re all in this together!

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